art AKT 10 years Foundation for fine arts

For decades, our firm has been involved in copyright protection, which led to the idea of using the ample space in our Art Nouveau villa also for the objects of our legal activities, the works of art. Our goal was not only to enrich our place of work, but particularly to provide a forum for regional artists to present their art to a larger public, and thus to draw the attention of fellow lawyers and decision makers in business undertakings to the works of art of the aspiring artists. For ten years we have regularly been hosting alternating exhibitions and vernissages.

In the meantime, we have been able to assemble an impressive collection of pieces of art of local artists, which decorates our work space today. As we have now encountered problems in finding sufficient space for new exhibitions and are exploring new ways of promoting the fine arts, we have concluded the series of exhibitions with a final show of our collection.